Friday, October 18, 2013

MIA (or Inaction)

Blogging is a pretty cool thing. You can learn from others, teach others, make money, reevaluate yourself, ect... You know. But I'm having trouble getting into it! I'll admit, I am well known to start a project and not finish it or come up with a (at the time) brilliant idea and not follow through. This blog is a different story, though. I'm am a social media avoider, if you will. Blogging is a real challenge for me!

Since my last post, I haven't learned much about taking care of a house. I've given up on cleaning up after everyone; too big a job for two hands! I've moved on to hopefully more fruitful goals. (This works out nicely since I'm notorious for abandoning projects!)

On the cooking side of things, I've learned that if there is more than one thing I know we don't stock in the kitchen that is required in a recipe, I ought not make that recipe. And canned veggies are my friend when it comes to side dishes.

Side note:
Two(ish) years ago, I rummaged through the cabinets trying to find something different to snack on and came across a can of peas and carrots. I hastily heated up my snack and began chowing down only to find something hard in my second bite. I pull out what looked like a cat toe with claw attached! In terror, I toss the toe and the rest of my snack into the trash. I've shied away from using these canned veggies for so long, but dinner is an emergency situation! 
What to take from this story...
A: Don't trust things in a can.
B: Always search your canned food before eating.
C: Don't worry! Andrew Zimmern has eaten worse things than what could be in this can.

This post is officially aweful! ONWARD!

Words of cooking wisdom from my grandfather: If you like it, add more of it. If you don't like it, take it out.

I took on a mini-project or two yesterday during my Saguaro Madness. 
For the visual senses...

(excuse my man hands and terrible cuticles!)
Base: SinfulColors, Hazard 952
Brush Strokes: (yellow) SinfulColors, Pull Over 955
(purple) Essie, Play Date 
Saguaros: OPI, Jade is the New Black
Sparkles: OPI, Pirouette My Whistle

Sweater: Thrift Store Find, $2.99. I find the best sweaters in the men's section! This is 100% wool J. Crew XL. Must have found the dryer... Lucky me!
Saguaro: Sewing scraps, $0. So, I believe if I had used iron on interfacing, my cactus wouldn't have bubbled. I'm new to this sewing gig, but it's pretty fun so far!

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