Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Did Not Proofread This. And That's Significant.

I am traveling in an airplane for the first time on Sunday. By myself. I'm freaking out a little. Flying isn't scary, but being by myself is! And I've heard horrible things about Atlanta.

Other than watching Mad Men obsessively, watching grav3yardgirl on YouTube, and working from 5am to 10:30am, here's what I've done...

In the light

In the shadow
Base: Essie, Play Date
Scuff: OPI, Birthday Babe
Paint the base color over the entire nail, two coats. Paint the scuff color over the entire nail, one to two coats. Take a q-tip with some polish remover and create the scuff marks. Paint top coat.

The silver is hard to see in the photos. I tried both in the light and in the shadow and settled with posting these two photos. I don't like purple (Play Date) as a base color, but the technique is really cool! I have some other ideas for it using different colors. I notices a finger print in the scuff color (oops) before I used the polish remover... Maybe you see where this is going? You will in a few weeks! (If it works.)

I hope to get my nails done by a professional before I leave! I never get my nails done, and I'm pretty excited!

Why am I flying? I've been working on this job opportunity, and it's a pretty big deal. I was sooo excited about it all summer, but I'm getting really nervous and second guessing myself now. I'll have to keep this job for 4-6 years. That's scary! What if I hate it? I was thinking about other things I could do, but I know I would be in the same situation if I pursued them: second guessing.

I love my part time job! I'm working at Michael's as a replenishment associate, so all I do is run around stocking products and looking at pretty things! I don't have to deal with customers much, and I rarely have to talk to other associates! Why is this such a great thing for me?

Lots of things seem to be changing for me. And I've been sick. I'm not even going to proofread this...

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