Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hardwood Flooring and Jello

Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes for dinner! Instead of the Herbs De Provce, I used 1 tsp Dak's Green Zest. The kids loved them! We had carrots and butter beans (used the Dak's in the butter beans too. Yummy!)

Last week, I made some carrots with orange juice, zest, brown sugar and butter, and my 10 year old sister loved them! This week they only had sugar and butter, and she hated them...

So, carpet seems pretty awesome right now. I have to sweep my room every week because the dirt sits on top of the hardwood waiting to hitch a ride on my bare feet and drive me bananas. When we had carpet, it would sink into the carpet and stay! Oh my, that sounds so nasty! But it sounds better than sweeping my floor right now...

I'm trying to meditate everyday - starting yesterday. I had a pretty good start. About half way through, Pandora (Calm Meditation Radio) chose an advertisement. A few hours earlier, my mom and little sister (the 7 year old) made Jello. Near the end of my 15 minutes, my sister was running through the house shouting "I HATE J-E-L-L-O!" (spelling it out and everything) because it wasn't ready, and she had to go to bed.
Tonight was much better. She peeked in my room about 5 minutes in, making me laugh, and she meditated the rest of the 10 minutes with me. What a cutie! She has her moments.

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