Monday, October 21, 2013

Julep's Post

Julep getting ready to write a post.

Taylor was having trouble deciding what to write, so I told her I'd take over. My name is Julep, and I slept on Taylor's pillow ALL DAY, so I'm super excited and well rested for this post!

Mom got me some new food at the pet store, and she's mixing it with canned pumpkin to help with my digestion. It's DELICIOUS. So delicious, I pooped AND peed in the den!

The humans had some chicken and broccoli casserole. The smaller ones didn't like it too much, but they ate it all. The bigger humans liked it a lot! They also had rice, corn, asparagus, and crescent rolls. That's so much food, I don't see how they eat so much! But I didn't try it because I was too busy eating my food with pumpkin!

OH, mom's home! I gotta go playyyyyyyyy!

Good bye humans - you animals!,

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