Monday, October 28, 2013

Page Views and Meatloaf

So, Google Blogger tells me that I've had 230 views. This seems pretty steep considering I haven't had a single comment. Maybe I'm being followed by robots? This may be unconventional, but if someone could say hi or something, that would be awesome! And not you, mom! :)


We had awesome Easy Meatloaf for dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans. I added about half a cup of grated carrot. Meatloaf is such a magical thing! You can add pretty much anything, and it'll still be awesome. I made some meatloaf cupcakes last week with zucchini (squeeze the moisture out with a paper towel). My little sisters LOVE it every time, no matter what veggies are in it. It's probably a ketchup thing.

I keep having this problem with my meatloaf. I'm sure if I google it, I would find a lot of people with the same problem. My meatloaf is pretty much meat-soup unless I pour some of the juices out. Maybe if I made it in a casserole dish? Or put it on a grate? I'll have to try that next time. It just looks so unappetizing in a casserole dish. My dad showed me a video of Sandra Lee's meatloaf. At least all the grease and fat was able to escape!

I have nothing against Sandra Lee! She doesn't suck as the title of the video states... She's just a lady chasing her dreams.

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