Tuesday, October 29, 2013


There's my skirt!
Pattern: Simplicity 2215
It has pockets! The pattern calls for an invisible zipper, but I used a "fashion" zipper (so said the packaging). The pattern also called for one of those invisible clasp things. I had buttons, so I rigged up a button loop. 

I actually made TWO skirts!

Here they are with their visible zippers and button clasps. Sewing on a zipper is quite the task! I would definitely get kicked out of fashion school for these! I'm very proud of them.

Here's the button loop...

And a diagram.

Dinner was amazing! We had Asian Chicken Stir-Fry with egg rolls. The egg rolls were from the Chinese restaurant down the road, so that was one less thing to worry about while cooking chicken in the skillet for the first time! Oh yeah, she used a wok, but I don't have a wok. The skillet worked fine, but my chicken was tough. I think that was due to the chef's lack of experience! From the words of Alanis Morissette, "you live, you learn." I also used some frozen veggies. They would have been crispier if I had used fresh veggies. The recipe also called for lard or peanut oil. I made do with coconut oil (side note below).

It sounds like I'm praising a dish I hardly made, but it's all in the sauce! That sauce was yummy! Yummy enough to overlook tough chicken and veggies that weren't as crispy as the could have been.

Coconut Oil: I use it all the time in my hair. Rub it in your hair about 30 min to an hour before you shower, focusing on the ends. Rinse well, and you will have amazingly soft, silky hair! I also put it on dry skin, lips, and nails. I pretty much bath in the stuff! It works.

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