Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cheetah Girls

Last week, we had chicken pot pie cupcakes, and my little sisters ate two. This week, we have the exact same chicken pot pie cupcakes (I froze half of the batch), and they hardly ate one... Are all kids like this?

I've been trying to hold off until the end of the week to post my nails, but I'm super excited about these! I was going to do an Oregon Ducks theme, since they're playing Stanford Thursday, but I decided to do these instead...

CHEETAH GIRLZ! Or is it leopard print?
Base: Sally Hansen, Gilty Pleasure
Brown: Essie, Mink Muffs
Black: Revlon, Stiletto
Paint nails the base color. Dot the nails with brown using the polish brush- make the dots imperfect. Using a fine paintbrush, line the dots with black and make random lines and circles between dots.

I've seen this nail art a couple of times on the web and realized I had the right color pallet to do them myself! My nails were surprisingly easy; the nails on my dominant hand looked just as good! I'll have to do my duck nails another time.

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