Monday, November 4, 2013

Fingers for Dinner

Everytime I come home from vacation, there is evidence of trespassing in my room. This time, it was a small pair of dirty socks and a stash of Halloween candy! I have no control! Fingers for dinner!!

We actually had a rotisserie chicken, green beans, mac 'n' cheese, and crescent rolls for dinner. I told my mom that I was going to get a chicken for dinner and use the rest to make broth for soup on Wednesday. She though it was the craziest thing. We usually put our chicken in other recipes. I had a plain rotisserie chicken at a friends house - that's where I got the idea. I made a gravy out of the broth: 3 tbsp butter, 4 tbsp flour, 2 c broth, and about a quarter cup gruyere. I would add more next time, but that was all the gruyere we had left in the fridge...

I forgot to post about my nails! Here's another pic...
Nails! I "painted the moons" as my grandmother says.
Moons: OPI, Birthday Babe
Tips: SinfulColors, Hazard
Use hole reinforcers from the office supply store to make the moons. I have some weird plastic reinforcers, but I think the normal ones would work better. 

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